February 26th, 2016

Thirty years ago John Humphrey recognized a need in the communications industry and took the lead in the Jacksonville area emerging-technologies businesses. He went on to build a team of dedicated specialists with a focus on quality service and customer support. His company, Converged Communications, remains the industry leader in network technology.

“Technology continues to evolve and our commitment is to utilize technology to provide our client’s a competitive advantage,” said John Humphrey, Founder and CEO of Converged Communications.

In the years since Converged Communications was founded, great strides have been made in network technology. From the first PC’s, connected via Local Area Networks (LANs), to wireless connections, to Wide Area Networks (WANs), Converged Communications has always been immersed in the latest technologies.

With the arrival of WANs came an immense amount of data exchange, which created a need for special business services. Converged Communications supports companies who want to focus on what they do best with their managed IT services their specialists the lead on WAN maintenance.

Twenty years ago, the introduction of the World Wide Web brought new technologies to businesses and the public. These technologies grew and developed into services like Voice Over IP and Offsite Data Storage, which Converged Communications provides along with its IT Support Systems.

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