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Converged Communications has partnered with leaders in the communications industry for solutions that cover a wide range of business needs and industries. Our partners include solutions that provide unified communications, IT support services, online backup services, and business phone systems. Through our strategic partnering with worldwide leaders, Converged Communications can provide services for any industry, including transportation, banking & finance, retail, city surveillance, education, government, healthcare, industrial and critical infrastructure.
Avaya provides flexible systems for communication that utilize voice, video, and data with real-time operation. With an Avaya VoIP network, your business can grow through collaboration and enhanced performance.

Patton is all about connections—from inception the company has connected generations in a family-owned-and-operated business. Since incorporating in 1984, Patton has built everything from micro-sized widgets for connecting “this-with-that,”​ to carrier-grade Telecom gear that connects end-customers to service-provider networks.

Cisco technology provides solutions that solve the most complex network communications demands. Businesses that need integration for communications, interactions and collaboration will find that Cisco systems can meet their needs in a variety of ways.

Life Size leads the virtualization industry for video infrastructure. As a global video conferencing and virtualization provider, any business can utilize LifeSize with quality video conferencing anywhere on any device.

Ruckus provides indoor and outdoor wireless voice, video and data solutions for businesses.

Alcatel-Lucent provides businesses with unified communications and cloud services.

Talk-A-Phone has blazed new trails in the communications industry for over 75 years. Their solutions include towers, indoor and outdoor paging units, and additional technology for businesses across the globe.

Panduit has a reputation for quality in the communications industries and provides solutions for all avenues of business, including data center, enterprise and industrial.

FutureFLEX® is the innovator of Air-Blown Fiber®. It is the most advanced, cost effective system for networks available to scale, control, optimize and meet bandwidth requirements for an enterprise network.

Toshiba products include technology for businesses and industrial locations. Toshiba leads innovation.

Corning display technology uses advanced glass that is thin and flexible as well as superior for highly optimized displays.

Axis Communications helps businesses with a wide range of video solutions that include surveillance for industries that include transportation, banking & finance, retail, city surveillance, education, government, healthcare, industrial and critical infrastructure.

Orion Power Systems manufactures systems for power conditioning and protection. Businesses across the nation rely onOrion Power Systems to keep critical and non-critical applications and data running with no downtime or data loss.
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